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Pet care in the USA
Pet Care in the USA has come a long way in the last few years. Since 9/11 (our wake up call), Americans have become increasingly aware of security. In addition to 9/11, we have had a blossoming of new technologies which not only make it easier to get information but it also has allowed criminals to become more adept at their trade. Whilst 1st prize might always be to get a trusted friend or relative to tend your beloved pets, this is often a difficult task and tends to impose on their leisure time. The alternatives are to go to either a professional pet lodging service or to hire a professional pet care service such as Pet Care Angels. With a professional pet sitting service, you can go away in the knowledge that your pets will receive the loving care that you give them. In addition such a service provides a presence in your home that deters prospective intruders plus, professional petsitters are also trained to handle emergencies which might occur in your absence.

Pet Care Products
The Internet has opened up a whole host of possibilities for pet owners who are now able to buy products on line. What has happened in years gone by, the major chains have dominated the markets and if you check carefully, you will find that they in most cases have branded their own products. When you see a dog collar at the local pet chain store costing $14, compared to a similar product that can be bought from a discount store at a fraction of the price, one wonders where the small pet store owner went. Well great news, the internet is becoming the leveler. Smaller pet wholesalers are now marketing products on the basis that they cannot be found in large pet supermarkets. Please, as a pet owner, support this move.Competition is always good

Training to be a pet care practitioner
Pet sitting is not all about arriving at a home and playing with pets. Just loving pets is simply not good enough. Pet sitting actually is an undertaking that calls for a great deal of responsible behavior and the ability to recognize when there are problems and to use background experience and training to resolve the problem. Firstly the pet sitters need to know how a home functions which includes identifying and resolving problems when they occur. This includes plumbing, electrical and nursery knowledge. When it comes to pets, the sitter needs to have had training in emergency first aid for pets which includes the ability to administer medication and injections to a wide variety of species. A trained sitter will keep proper records and know what to do when things go wrong. Efficient communication with you, the owner of your precious pets, is essential and a trained sitter will have these communication resources available.

Considerations when hiring a pet sitter
Once you have come to the realization that your pets will be happier in their own home environment, you need to rank items that will lead you to the decision as to who is to do the pet sitting. We suggest that the reason that you are at this point in hiring a pet sitter, is because you desire the very best for your pet. If price is an important criteria then you might consider hireing the services of the many volunteer/student type sitters that can be found around town. These sitters will charge between $12 to $20 per half hour whilst a professional service starts at $16 but is usually $18 to $22. Your final choice relating to who you employ, should relate to you being comfortable with that person coming to your home and that your pets have an affinity for the sitter. Are they licensed, insured & bonded? An important consideration, as things can go wrong and you should be covered. Once a family has taken the road to in home pet sitting, they will always use one.